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Firebug: Products & Services

Getfirebug is a very techie product aimed at people who want to ensure that their personal computers are clean. Getfirebug offers a dyrp-by-step interactive debugger to ensure the cleanliness of the computer, It also allows the user to inspect the contents of a site, tweak the site’s layout and analyze a website’s network activity.

Firebug: Company Background

Firebug is a tool which combines with fireforx to ensure a better browsing experience. At present, the most advanced version of the Firebug is 1.11 Beta 3. Aside from the products however, there is no listing with regards to the company or who owns it. There is also no information found as to how long they have been around.

Firebug: Customer Feedback & Reviews

According to a review by one client on the website Xmarks, who gave the website four and a half stars said that the Firebug is a great product and add-on to Mozialla Firefox. In another review on a different website says that Firebug adds a wealth of development tools while browsing.

Firebug: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness is neither recognized nor accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There is no rating available on the site for it. They have also not been covered in any major media outlets. No accreditations, associations or certifications have been awarded to this company that is listed on their website or even after a search.

Firebug: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gave the website a reputation of 12,239 based on sites linking in. It is ranked in the United States is 5,787 and in the world is 1,661. Of their audience, a rough 5% is directed to their site by way of search engines. The site has been recorded to be online for at least six years. The site gets around 1.2 unique views per day. Google Page Rank gives the website a rating of 7 out of 10.

Firebug: Social Media Presence

Getfirebug has no recorded Facebook page. They do however have a Twitter page under the name of Jan Odvarko and which has 7,471 followers and 219 tweets. The latest update on their Twitter site was last November 30. There are no other social networking pages associated with the website or the company aside from this.

Firebug: Website Security & Safety

Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page lists the site as safe, stating that there have been no found malicious content in the last 90 days. Furthermore, the website was not listed as suspicious or an intermediary for infections. The website itself however, does not offer any additional security accreditations or certificates for the perusal of its clients.

Firebug: Pricing & Packages

The product that offers is completely free and is from an open source. They do not require payment for their services or products and can be easily installed and uninstalled, if the client wishes. Other similar companies do not offer the same product for free and if they do, it is only on a trial basis after which, the client will have to pay.

Firebug: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable for this site.

Firebug: Payment Methods Accepted

Since the product is free, there doesn’t need to be any payment methods to get the product. It is completely free and also with its pro version, so the clients need not pay for upgrades. Getfirebug gives their product for free and gets commission from something else. There is also no need for gift cheques and the like.

Firebug: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

They also have no refund policy as it is not a conventional product. However, if in any case the client is left dissatisfied with the free product that offers, they can uninstall it from their laptops or personal computers which would be tantamount to a refund or return policy

Firebug: Product images & screenshots
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